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Project Management is the supervision and control of the work required to complete the project vision. Project management is a process that involves several things including planning, putting the project plan into action and measuring progress and performance. Projects, being the temporary and unique things that they are, require the project manager to be actively involved with the project implementation.

At Harinya, we follow and adhere to the project management process as per the PMI (Project Management Institute) standards and can map to five project management processes. These processes are typical of projects, and are iterative in nature – that is, we don’t finish a process never to return.


This process launches the project. The needs of the organization are identified and alternative solutions are researched. The power to launch the project or phase is given through a project charter.


The planning process requires the project manager and the project team to develop the various core and subsidiary management plans necessary for project completion.


This process allows the project team and vendors to move toward completing the work outlined in the planning process. The project team moves forward with completing the project work.


The project manager must control the work the project team and the vendors are completing. Checks that the deliverables are in alignment with project scope, defends the scope from changes and confirms the expected level of quality of the work being performed. This process also requires confirming that the cost and schedule are in sync with what was planned.


The closing process involves closing out of the project accounts, completing the final acceptance of the project deliverables, filing the necessary paperwork and assigning the project team to new projects.

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