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A POS system is a computer software and hardware network that records sales as they are occurring; it solves a variety of operational and record-keeping headaches. POS systems such as Retail Management System are designed to immediately record any and all sales. Not only does that mean timely and accurate sales tracking, but a POS system also lets readily identify inventory levels, particularly when what we have on the books doesn't match with actual stock. A common land mine for many small to medium-sized businesses is price reduction — knowing which items have been marked down and recording those discounts accordingly. Rather than wrestling with cash-register receipts at day's end, a POS automates the process of introducing markdowns and, in turn, tracking them accurately. Many operations suffer in employee efficiency and customer service when the boss is away. Automating a host of functions via a POS can help boost those areas, no matter where the head issue happens to be. POS system automates overall inventory control, helping to keep stocks in proper balance depending on demand and other factors, which can vary from one location to the next.

Harinya developed the Point of Sales (POS) System as a full-featured ASP Dot Net POS System that supports unlimited terminals spread across an unlimited number of locations! Also this POS system can set-up a point of sale terminal anywhere we have an Internet connection, either through broadband, or due to the low-bandwidth design of the system, even over standard phone lines!

The POS System has all of the standard features that we would expect, bar code scanning, supports touch screens, shift open and close, but as a bonus we can easily adapt it to meet the needs and interface it to any POS Hardware system we like!  The system is 100% Internet based POS System what can support an unlimited number of branch stored with an unlimited number of terminals. The system sends data across the Internet Completely Encrypted with SSL, which keeps it safe. The system comes ready to accept both "cash and carry" sales where the clerk can select items using a pictures on touch screen and simple checkout with simply cash tendered and change due screens, or a complex sale where the customer name and other information has to be captured and saved. The system will also take orders for shipping at a later time and will pass this information back into the base system.

Shopping Cart

A shopping cart is a software application that typically runs on the computer where our Web site is located (the Web server), and allows our customers to do things such as searching for a product in our store catalog, adding a selected product to a basket, and placing an order for it. The shopping cart "integrates" with the rest of our Web site. In other words, there are typically links on our Web pages that customers can click on, and which allow them to perform some of the functions related to the cart.

Harinya developed a Shopping Cart System which includes all of the basic shopping cart functionality. New Customers & Orders are posted directly into the accounting system in real-time, and the system dynamically builds it's item tables using Inventory Data from the Accounting System in real-time! The shopping cart also has a customer service section where the customer can review their orders, check ship dates and tracking numbers on-line!  We can also change languages or cart currency on-the-fly! Changes made to the data in the system are instantly available in the Shopping Cart!
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