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Employees make the difference; they are the competitive edge and the differential advantage to any business. An organization with satisfied employees enjoys quality products and services from satisfied customers. HR system offers powerful and user friendly HR Solutions, designed to empower managers, motivate employees, time management, benefits administration, streamline people & processes and maximize HR's strategic contribution. Harinya can work with the customers to develop customized HR solutions, modular solutions whatever in their business. We deliver HR solutions using intranet & knowledge management solutions that can improve communication in the organization, cut costs or join a decentralized workforce and shape the technology according to the requirements.


The payroll software should provide facility to define salary components according to the requirements of the organization. These can be constant amounts or complex formulas based upon other salary components. The effect of these salary components (addition/deductions) may be monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly, or one time. These addition/deductions can be defined for the company level and can be assigned at Employee level, Category level or Department Level. Attendance can be marked daily or monthly. If marking monthly attendance, just the Absences and Overtime Hours need to be provided. The paid-holidays and sanctioned leaves are automatically adjusted to calculate the No. of Present days. If a need does arise, the salary can be Re-calculated after making necessary adjustments in the Salary Heads. The changes are automatically adjusted in the Payslips and related salary reports.

Harinya developed a Payroll system which is a simple payroll system that was designed to allow the easy implementation of any local jurisdiction's payroll rules. The system allows the customization of four levels of tax tables (Country, State, County, City), a separate table for payroll items which are fully customizable, and will create a standard payroll register and allow for the creation of payroll cheques.

All of the payroll business logic is implemented in easy to understand and modify SQL Server stored procedures. The stored procedure code is clean and heavily commented so that we can easily implement whatever rules we need for our locality or make any modifications necessary for it to meet our payroll needs. The system uses pre-configured tax tables and payroll items tables and the basic US Payroll tax rules implemented in SQL Server Stored procedures, and these tables and rules can then be easily modified to meet any tax authorities particular payroll processing requirements.

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