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IT Training

Training is the concept of sharing knowledge with others. The most knowledgeable person is who gives training or share the information with others. Learning should be the regular practice in any organization to meet the competitive market requirements and to survive on the latest competent technology world.

Considering these requirements, Harinya plans for different types of trainings to meet the demand from different sectors on various requirements. Harinya’s training can be categorized under three broad areas as below.

  • Corporate Training
  • Harinya is having different structure and plans for training corporate employees depends on their requirements in various domain and technologies. The IT software companies are having various requirements to train their employees starting from the fresher teams to train on the basic technologies to the experienced team to train on the latest advanced technologies or domain.

    Considering these kind of vast requirements, Harinya is having a database repository of live demos and training plans on the different technologies and domain.

    Programming Languages: VB.Net, C++, C#
    Enterprise Technologies: COM+, Web Services, AJAX, Windows Mobile, ASP.Net, ADO.Net
    Databases: SQL Server 2005/2008
    Platforms: .Net Framework 2.0/3.5, .Net Compact Framework 2.0/3.5
    Development Tools: Visual Studio.Net 2005/2008
    Design Tools: OOAD, UML, Design Patterns
    Testing Tools: Win Runner, Load Runner, QTP
    Project Management Tools: MS Project 2003/2007
    Estimation Tools: Function Point Analysis
    Server Technologies: BizTalk Server, Sharepoint Portal Server
    Domain: ERP, Manufacturing, Ecommerce, Trading, Logistics, CRM, POS, LBS, Mobile

  • Freshers Training
  • The purpose of this training is to cater the needs of the freshers coming out of the different universities and looking for their career start in software industry. Harinya is having different training plans as per the educational background of the freshers. This training not only helps the people with educational background like computer engineering and information technology, but also guide the people with other educational background, but enthusiastic to come to IT industry.

    The curriculum for freshers includes the following.

    • Seeking advice on the career path
    • Technology selection by the individuals
    • Training on the selected technology
    • Participate in a live project
    • Seeking help on the placement
  • Students Training
  • We have analyzed and understand that there are requirements for the students from various universities for live project as part of their final year curriculum during their education for a shorter duration to submit their project reports. Harinya plans separate training plans for the students of B.E., Computer Science & Information Technology, B.Tech., Computer Science & Information Technology, M.C.A., and B.Sc., & M.Sc., Computer Science depends upon their university and college environment.

    The curriculum for students includes the following.

    • Initial discussion with the job consultant / recruiter of the universities
    • Discussion with head of the department for the enrolment of  students
    • Demo to the students about the real time project and plans
    • Training to the students on the project and technology as per the duration
    • Hiring outstanding students based on their performance on the rolls

Consultancy is the job of giving advice and guidance based on the expertise in a different perspective. Harinya’s consultancy division is operated under different target audience. The intention is to mentor the people to the right direction in their career path or their professional approach and shape their mindset to have a better solution for their problems and challenges. Consultancy not only bring great attitude in people’s thoughts, but also group people together from various backgrounds and bond them in a common goal for mutual benefits. This is an excellent humanly exercise that dramatically brings changes and achievement in life.



Business Consultancy:
Many companies are looking for consultants and seek help in automate their business, workflow and process inside their organizations. Our business consultants and solution architects fix an appointment with these companies and do consulting to understand the existing infrastructure and problems and suggesting innovative solutions which bring value add for their ongoing business. Also, our business teams regularly interact with these companies to promote them to take right decision and take the next step for the actual implementation of business process automation. To know more, send an email to

Technology Consultancy:
The IT and outsourced software development companies seek assistance in choosing the technology to complete their job in a cost-effective way and make the deliveries in a shorter duration as per the commitment to their clients. Harinya is having a dedicated technical team to assist these companies for their problems and suggesting valuable solutions on the technology front and also have regular interaction with them to support for their ongoing operations till the end of their project support life cycle. To know more, send an email to

Career Consultancy:
If the career is properly set during the initial phase, life will go smoothly and we can able to live our personal and professional life independently. Most of the people seek advice to decide their career path both at the time of start up for the right direction as well as at any point in time during the course of their career. Our career consultants do counselling with these people and suggesting them the right career path for their success in life. To know more, send an email to

Job Consultancy:
Harinya is doing job consultancy to both IT and Non IT field for the requirements from India and Abroad. We are always looking for sharp minds in various industries and cater them to the perfectly matched working environment as per their interest. This includes hiring and outsourcing the people from Harinya’s centralized database of resume builder for the IT and Non IT companies. To know more, send an email to

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